About Us

The Educators and Staff Members at Rising Scholars of Canada are invested in helping students succeed. We offer individual classes and small group classes to provide students with the individualized attention they need to excel in their academics and in their everyday lives. We offer progress reports and arrange parent teacher interviews to facilitate open communication between students, parents, and teachers. 

As Educators, our primary goal is to help shape the young minds of the future generation. We provide students with the necessary tools to think critically and creatively, and we empower them to take on various responsibilities. We want to see our students become well-rounded global citizens and positively contribute to our society. We are a community of thinkers and learners, and we have great hopes for the new generation.

Aparna B. Srikanthan, Director, Head of the Language Department

My goal, as an educator, is to motivate my students to achieve what they think is impossible. Here at Rising Scholars of Canada, we work tirelessly to empower our students to become great leaders, dreamers, and achievers. In my classroom, we use literature as a tool to learn and develop the necessary cognitive skills required to obtain success in any given field. We challenge our ways of thinking using various lenses to view the world from different perspectives because we recognize the importance of becoming global citizens. My most challenging goal is to encourage my students to discover the value each narrative has to offer in enriching our world experiences. So, I try to make myself available to help my students 24/7 through online support to assist them in achieving their personal academic goals.


​As head of the Language Department, I believe having a strong command of any language is always an asset. Being fluent in a language opens more doors of opportunities for individuals. Therefore, as Canadians, being bilingual in Canada’s official languages will serve to be extremely advantageous in our increasingly competitive world. It is important to know that life isn’t simply about literacy; it is about multi-literacies, a concept which holds great value when truly discovered.

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