Upcoming Programs for Fall 2015

Dear Parents,

As the new term begins, I would like to inform you all of the upcoming programs and plans of Dynamic Educators. For the month of September, the primary focus will be on writing assignments and grammar lessons. However, I would also like to emphasize the importance of reading quality novels at age appropriate levels on a daily basis. Developing the habit of reading, increasing the speed of reading, and exposing students to a variety of genres is essential not only for academic success, but also for developing well-rounded members of the community.

As a result, I will be implementing an optional reading program based on the Ontario Literacy Association’s program called Forest of Reading. Students will be asked to read as many books as possible and they will be asked to write reading responses for each book they read. Students who read the most by the end of the program will be awarded and recognized in an appropriate manner. Attached with this letter, I am including a package of award winning books from the Forest of Reading Program. There are sub-branches to this program which are organized as follows:

  • Blue Spruce: Kindergarten- Grade 2

  • Silver Birch: Grade 3- Grade 6

  • Red Maple: Grade 7- Grade 8

  • White Pine: High school

I am excited to see the growth and progress my students who have been consistently coming to class have been making. Language is a skill which takes time to develop, master, and perfect. Therefore, the emphasis is on continuity. The goal is to have my elementary students develop the ability to read, understand, retain and relate to the books they read so that when they enter high school, they are able to creatively and critically analyze literature at a more academic level.

Our community is nothing short of brilliant and, as the new generation of Canadians, it is crucial that we work hard to prove ourselves to the community. I wish to inspire my students to find their passion and to work tirelessly to achieve it. We are doing all we can to make the Tamil Canadian community a strong community of leaders, entrepreneurs, and inspirers. I want to thank parents for investing in their children’s education, and I want students to appreciate what parents are willing to do to pave the path for a bright and successful future. The seeds we plant today will be the fruit we reap tomorrow. So, for the fall term, we will focus on language enhancement at the level of grammar and as winter approaches, we will gradually move towards media literacy and speech arts.

If you have any questions regarding the Grade 10 literacy preparation or the Grade 3 and 6 EQAO preparations, please feel free to contact me for more information. I look forward to another productive and fruitful term.


Aparna B. Srikanthan Director, Head of Language Dept.