Summer 2016

Dear Parents/ Guardians,

Spring is here, and there are only a few short weeks left of the final school term before summer holidays begin.

In our final stretch, the staff members at Dynamic Educators will continue to work hard to help our students achieve their academic goals.

We have been working tirelessly to ensure your children receive the best possible support, but we do request the continued cooperation of parents and students.

As always, we encourage you to call and make appointments with us if you wish to discuss your child’s progress. Constant communication is a vital part to ensuring our students succeed.

As you may already know, the past few weeks have been dedicated to developing and enhancing our student’s reading, speaking, and writing abilities.

The final date to submit reading response forms, for the reading competition, will be April. 30, 2016.

Our speech arts competition will also come to an end on April.30, 2016.

The last day to submit stories/ essays for the writing competition will be May.3, 2016.

Winners for all three sectors will be announced by May.7, 2016.

Dynamic Educators is pleased to announce that the location for the Awards Ceremony will be held at the Thamil Isai Kalaa Manram Hall at Tapscot and McNicoll. The event will be held on Sunday, June 5th from 4:00-8:00pm. We are also honoured to say that Neethan Shan, a board member of the TDSB, will be our Guest of Honour.

We request everyone to ensure they are available to attend this ceremony which recognizes our students for their achievements and dedication to their education.