Welcome! Fall 2014

Dear Parents,

We have officially begun classes for another new school year. My goal, as always, is to make my students become clearly distinguished members of the community. It is my personal belief that when teachers and parents unite in a meaningful manner, we will be able to give children the correct tools they will need to be successful in a more efficient manner. Extra classes serve to create extraordinary young people which is, ultimately, our goal, so let us all work collaboratively to ensure we accomplish our personal goals.

This term, high school students will be focusing on analysis of Shakespearian Literature and essay writing techniques. Elementary and Primary Students will be participating in various writing workshops to further develop their writing skills. Intermediate students, who are currently doing novel studies, will be working on oral presentations and book reports for the first half of this term. During the second half of the term, we will be focused on establishing a solid foundation in grammar.

I encourage all parents to call me, visit me before or after class hours, or email me with any questions or concerns. I am available to students 24 hours a day. Please also encourage your children to email me with any assignments if they ever have any doubts or concerns.

I am looking forward to continuing to work closely with my students this term, with the continued support and encouragement from parents.

I wish everyone a successful and productive term.


Aparna B. Srikanthan Director, Head of Language Dept.